Subproject 4: Active Core Concept

Active systems open up a new area of technological opportunities. They offer the possibility to adapt the core engine to each operating condition of the mission and, therefore, the potential to optimise component and cycle behaviour, additional degrees of freedom in the design, compensation of efficiency and safety penalties due to.

The most promising active systems for core engine applications will be investigated and compared with alternatives. The active cooling air cooling system will be investigated for reduced cooling air consumption. To increase the effiency and the operability the high pressure compressor will be equipped with a active clearance control system for the rear stages and a active surge control system for the front stages.

1 Active clearance control system (rear stages)

  • Improved tip clearance with active clearance control system (thermal or mechanical)
  • Comparison with alternative technologies for tip clearance improvement

2 Active surge control (front stages)

  • Development of an active surge control with air injection
  • Comparison to the passive alternative multi stage casing treatment

3 Active air cooling

  • Gerneral concept
  • Air cooler and control system
  • Combustor case cooling air flow path
  • HPC rear cone cooling

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