Subproject 5: Flow Controlled Core Concept

High BPR direct driven turbofan engines require a compact HP compressor with very high pressure ratio, which has to compensate for the low booster pressure ratio. Therefore flow control technologies are investigated in NEWAC, which help in the specific field of very high aerodynamic loaded HPC to strongly increase efficiency and stall margin.

1 Tip flow control and advanced aero

  • Advanced casing concepts
    (Casing treatment, casing aspiration, tip injection)
  • 3D optimised aerodynamic
  • Stall active control integration

2 Aspiration concept on blade profiles

  • Aspiration concept on blade profiles
  • Evaluation and optimisation of aspiration technology on stator vane/hubs or blade
  • Identification of potential benefits

3 Rub management

  • Modelling the abradable and its wearing
  • Development of improved abradable
  • Validation via rub tests...

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