Press Release

June 13, 2007: Munich – The new European technology program Newac (New Aero Engine Core Concepts) was launched recently under the lead of MTU Aero Engines. This new research program is backed by the EU under its 6th Research Framework Program... more

Press release - 2010

Munich, June 30, 2010 – What will the engine of the future be like? How can high-pressure compressors be designed to boost efficien-cies even further? What promise does the use of intercoolers and recuperators hold? What innovative technologies will the combustor of the future incorporate? And which novel design and production processes does the industry need to be able to build tomorrow's en-gines? NEWAC (New Aero Engine Core Concepts), a European technology program led by MTU Aero Engines, has the answers to these questions. The results of the collaborative research effort were now presented in late June...more