Subproject 2: Intercooled Recuperative Core Concept

This concept exploits the heat of the engines exhaust gas and maximises the heat pick up capacity of the combustor inlet air by intercooling in front of the HP compressor. The results of the EEFAE-CLEAN programme showed improvement potential in the optimisation of the recuperator arrangement, by introducing innovative duct design and investigating a radial compressor in a new design area.

1 Centrifugal HP Compressor

  • Centrifugal compressor efficiency improvement and high hub-tip-ratio
  • Optimisation of radial compressor/ducting interface
  • Radial/axial compressor comparison

2 Recuperator

  • Improved heat exchanger and nozzle arrangement
  • Low loss heat exchanger integration
  • Structural and overall IRA integration aspects

3 Future innovative core configuration

  • Variable core cycle
  • Innovative combustion
  • Contra-rotating core
  • Unconventional heat management

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