Subproject 3: Intercooled Core Concept

To utilise the CO2 benefits of a high overall pressure ratio cycle for a given NOX level and material technology, an intercooler has to be included in front of the high pressure compressor. Two key technologies of the intercooled core concept will be investigated in detail. One key technology is the intercooler and the related ducting, which has to handle the full core mass flow and will be validated by rig tests.

Then, specific HPC technologies are needed to react on the increased operability needs due to the added volumes in the compression system (intercooler, ducting) and the high OPR. These HPC technologies will be validated with rig tests.

1 Intercooler an related ducting

  • Design and test advanced cross-corrugated plate heat exchanger
  • Design and validation of low pressure loss ducts
  • Advanced OGV/diffuser

2 Improved HPC (higher overall pressure ratio)

  • Stability enhancement for intercooled core operability needs
  • Improved blading and secondary flow path
  • Improved tip clearance design

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