NEWAC SP6 “Innovative Combustor” Editorial

It’s a very interesting experience, as SP6 Leader, to manage since May 2006 the strong and fruitful research technical cooperation between ten European Partners in the frame of NEWAC: with three teams of engineers and technicians of AVIO, RRD and TM aero-engine companies, scientists and researchers from Karlsruhe, Florence and Graz Universities, the ONERA, DLR and DGA Experimental Centres and the SME Enginsoft....more

NEWAC subproject 2 “Intercooled Recuperative Core” - Editorial by Stefan Donnerhack

When the Group of Personalities wrote and signed their "European Aeronautics – A vision for 2020" document about ten years ago, a number of engine specialists were rather sceptical about the ACARE initiative and the achievability of the targets set to meet the requirements for sustainable air traffic in future...more

SP1 Whole Engine Integration Editorial

The big news in sub-project SP1 is that we welcome Pascal Coat from Snecma to the management team as the new work package WP1.1 leader.  Pascal joins me (as SP1 leader), Stefan Donnerhack from MTU (as WP1.2 leader) and Konstantinos Kyprianidis from Cranfield University (as the acting WP1.3 leader) in the existing management team.  He takes over from his colleague Marine Andreoletti who is moving on to other projects...more

SP5 Flow Controlled Core Editorial

In order to face the global air-traffic growing in an environmental context, strong improvements on aircraft engine are required. Consequently, the NEWAC Integrated Project contribute to these future low-emissions engines by developing new technologies and new architectures on the High Pressure (HP) parts. Among the several architectures and visions investigated within NEWAC, the Flow Controlled Core approach (SP5), leaded by Snecma, aims to develop HP compressors improvement for both Contra-Rotating Turbo Fan (CRTF) or conventional engine...more

SP4 Active Core Editorial

It was in the spring of 2006 when I first heard the acronym NEWAC. At the time, my boss was suggesting that I should lead the NEWAC sub-project “Active Core” that was about to be kicked off. Thrilled by the concept of such a large, multinational research project, I gladly accepted the offer and was in charge of the sub-project throughout the last three years...more

SP3 Intercooled Core Editorial

As outlined by our Chief engineer in the last NEWAC editorial, the aviation industry faces a big challenge in minimising the environmental impact of commercial aviation and meeting the ACARE targets.  Having previously participated in SILENCE(R), which was another pan-European project, co-funded by the EU and targeting noise reduction, I joined the NEWAC team well aware of the difficult task of developing cost effective technological solutions to meet these targets...more

Chief Engineer's Editorial - October 2008

Commercial aviation has an impressive history of success, having become a means of mass transportation that carries in excess of 2 billion passengers a year. Breathtaking technological improvements have occurred in the past on economical and ecological fronts alike. Air traffic nonetheless faces novel challenges in the wake of diminishing energy supplies and worsening climate changes...more

Coordinator's Editorial August 2008

At programme start NEWAC has defined ambitious goals: 6% reduction in fuel burn and 16% less NOX emissions. After two years the programme has reached mid term and with the finalisation of the concept and definition phase for the new core technologies it is time to perform a detailed review. more...