ACARE       Advisory Council of Aeronautic Research in Europe
ACC           Active clearance control
ASC           Active surge control
AEROHEX  Advanced Exhaust Gas Recuperator Technology for Aero-Engine Applications
BPR           Bypass Ratio
CLEAN      Component Validator of Environ-mentally Friendly Aero-Engine
EEFAE       Efficient & Environmentally Friendly Aero-Engine
HPC           High Pressure Compressor
NEWAC     New Aero Engine Core Concepts
EIMG         Engine Industry Management Group
FP              Framework Programme
IRA            Intercooled Recuperative Aero engine
LDI             Lean Direct Injection
LPP            Lean Premixed Prevaporized
OPR            Overall Pressure Ratio
PERM          Partial Evaporation & Rapid Mixing
SAC            Single annular combustor
SILENCER  Significantly Lower Community Exposure to Aircraft Noise
SRA            Strategic Research Agenda
TERA          Technoeconomic and Environmental Risk Analysis
VITAL         Environmentally Friendly Engine